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About Me

Cecilia Aslaug Bendixen

I am Cecilia Aslaug Bendixen, born and bred in Slagelse, Denmark.

My mom is from Sweden, so I often travel there to visit family. 
This means that I’ve grown up with both danish and Swedish traditions when it comes to baking. And many of my recipes have traces of that. The Swedish people love to use different kinds of spices all year round. Especially cinnamon, cardamom and saffron, and I absolutely love that! In Denmark, spices are mostly an autumn or Christmas thing. And many danish people don’t even know what saffron is. But they do love their danish pastry and whipped cream cakes, and I totally get that.

I love being creative and I’ve had a lot of hobbies throughout my life. I’ve played the violin and viola, been in theatre plays and musicals, going to dance classes and choir. And I’ve been a scout for 10 years too. I also love to draw and read books. But most of my time I spend on baking and food photography, as you could probably guess. 

I’m also quite interested in history, more specifically in historical baking. My family has participated in several Viking Markets all my life and we still participate in Trelleborg Viking Festival every summer. As my interest in baking grew, so did my curiosity for historical baking. What did they bake in the different time periods?  What ingredients did they have? What possibilities were there with the ingredients and tools they had available in the different time periods?

I started the blog Aslaugs Bakery back in 2017. I had just finished my basic course at ZBC pastry chef school and had to stop my education due to mental health issues.

I’ve been struggling with my mental and physical health for several years. Personality disorders, anxiety and stress, but also fibromyalgia, which involves a lot of pain and almost constant exhaustion. Because of this, I couldn’t continue my education.
But I still loved spending time in the kitchen and baking a lot. It was one of the few things that still got me out of bed when there was nothing else to motivate me.

Therefore I found it obvious to start this blog. As a small project for myself to keep me busy, but also as a way to have a digital baking book I could always return to when I wanted to bake some of my favourite cakes and bread.

At the same time, I always get so happy when people come to me for advice and want help with their baking projects. To share the joy of baking is so wonderful.
So I thought this blog was another great way to share all my experience and knowledge with you!

I hope all of these recipes will bring a lot of amazing results and some happy days in the kitchen.

2016: Graduated from (SGMD) (School of Gastronomy, Music and design)

2017: Graduated from ZBC slagteriskolen i Roskilde, after finishing their basic course for pastry chefs.

2020/2021: Completed 11 months internship in Sejers Konditori Sorø (a danish pastry shop).

2022/2023: Regular supplier of baked goods for Livsmestring CPUS.

2022: Graduated from Foodtography School basic course. 

The smell of good bread baking, like the sound of lightly flowing water, is indescribable in its evocation of innocence and delight.

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